Why Comedy Clubs?

Everyone has a comfort zone that they usually find delight from. Therefore, everyone has a comedy show that they can keep going back to every time they need to cheer up. Comedy is known to release happy hormones and helps everyone feel at ease. While laughter is not the utmost best medicine, it offers the best physical and mental benefits. Laughter at a comedy club comes with several advantages, mental, social, and physical.


Attending a comedy night or session; relieves stress. Comedy shows have a maximizing effect of benefits especially if the laughs have one holding their tummy. Laughing has a positive benefit of reducing stress and stress hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol. This creates a relaxing environment for the body and mind. Comedy is also known as a muscle relaxer. This is because laughter increases free oxygen flow and helps in relaxing muscle tensions building up.

Blood pressure is also reduced by a hearty laughter. If one laughs for a considerable period, the respiratory and heartbeat rates are increased. This is followed by a subsequent considerable lowering of heart beat rates, blood pressure, and respiratory rates. The burning of unnecessary calories comes in also when one laughs themselves out. According to research by the Vanderbilt University, laughing for between 10-15 minutes potentially burns up to 50 calories.


Giving a hearty laugh stimulates the brain. This is because it engages several sections of the main brain components. These are the nucleus acumen’s and the motor cortex. These elements are involved respectively in emotional perception, cognition, and movement. These multiple neural processes involved while laughing in a comedy show make viewing of comedy a complex activity, more so for the brain.

old man laughing

Laughter is a natural pain killer. Watching a live comedy show is a natural way to alleviate physical pain. This is because laughing releases massive doses of endorphin’s that act as natural painkillers. Watching comedy after being subjected to painful stimuli provides a high pain tolerance to an individual. A night or session of laughter can also alleviate or reduce the impact of some schizophrenic symptoms. Several studies prove that laughter reduces levels of psychopathy and enhances social awareness among the individuals in attendance.

Laughing strengthens the immune system. Laughing can increase a body’s immunity by releasing a great deal of infection-fighting antibodies. Laughing also regulates blood sugar levels in the body. University of Tsukuba’s researchers found that persons who spend their time laughing after dinner, say in a comedy club have regulated blood sugar levels compared to those who don’t. The research goes ahead to conclude that a laugh every day is beneficial for diabetic patients.

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Finally, attending a comedy session builds relationships and stronger interactions. Whether it is the first date with someone that one has at last mastered enough courage to ask out, a comedy show provides a favorable environment to be with people we adore. Sharing a laughter session with others allows people to learn more about each other. This provides the best way to build a relationship.

Overall, attending a comedy show brings more benefits than the otherwise. Being in attendance will proof it, as compared to just hanging around indoors.

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